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Emerging powers

Foto: Ragnhild H. Simenstad, UD
Foto: Ragnhild H. Simenstad, UD

NOREF provides information and analysis on emerging powers and the role of these states globally and in their regions of influence. NOREF has in particular focused on Brazil and Turkey and has facilitated several events where focus has been on peace and security issues and possible areas of cooperation with Norway - either through bilateral collaboration or in multilateral forums such as the UN.


Brazil’s involvement in peacekeeping operations: the new defence-security-foreign policy nexus
MINUTSAH Force Commander and U.S. Lt. Greneral Brief Press in Cité Soleil by United Nations Photo with CC license from Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/un_photo/4305132312/in/photolist-7yqVRb-okX5kG-7xk1qp-i8sExz-dWNY4Z-7ybgJ5-7Cwx9M-7E2XTU-o9hQYz-oqvck8-mdFv5Y-mdExGx-mdEyE4-mdEwMr-mdExn4-mdFsJq-7CAnvC-7y5bSg-8ZM6Eu-7y5bSz-7CAntW-7ybgHL-axgHci-bCmvCF-dq7Uwe-8Xo5LW-8ZJ5Vv-8ZJ38M-8ZJ5di-8ZM8Qh-8ZBfou-nKW5Qh-o5cNhk-axjo6U-bpmhYG--------nKWV9i-bCgbJn-bppfgJ-bCgd6x-bpmibY-bpmizY-dq8jXW-dq8aV4 Monica Hirst , Reginaldo Mattar Nasser 30 September 2014
This report addresses Brazilian involvement in peacekeeping operations (PKOs) as a challenging learning process in the context of post-cold war UN-led interventions. more  
The discursive articulation of the concept of the “rising power”: perceptions, stances and interests in Brazil, Russia and Turkey
LEGO bricks made of cement by andresmh with CC license from Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/amonroy/6046079597/in/photolist-adgJPF-8KkgMx-8DQY14-5Jd9ss-o1Brde-oMiWWq-7tkQjC-8G7jcF-c6KLFJ-ctYeMC-azxPLq-c6KLRs-mgVkdi-nQBtGt-2kbvX8-76DgPT-8Qtspn-oMiWTE-fLG2Ls-8YnYx3-9bdfAr-b9oQGc-cCmNLs-8yGCyM-7riem2-koh2uT-8G7jC8-9rctJK-5LfNZM-gL76Zy-8fTZha-9bdfCB-ctYjQu-cPLYLL-aneh2r-6zhxbL-6UMBUD-6zhwCd-9eZkMC-fkWBht-ctZm9S-9eUWEp-9bdfwX-p8P2wd-K83YD-4HthzX-uaY9w-9bgoLs-ctYtRL-9bdcA2 Licínia Simão , Teresa Almeida Cravo , André Barrinha , Reginaldo Mattar Nasser 24 September 2014
This report considers not only the economic potential of Brazil, Russia and Turkey, but also analyses their current endeavours and future prospects for greater geopoli... more  
South America’s economic and political landscape: recent developments and trends
Politics on bikes by hollywoodsmile310 with CC license from Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/keishaf/5094472647/in/photolist-8Lbvei-6ifdCg-8CVWHn-cXJDnC-cXxAb9-ath3oo-8HbRzZ-cXGP7Q-cXGP2W-cXHB3f-cXHAK1-cXHAXm-cXHBeJ-cXxzXQ-cXHAGw-cXGP5y-cXHGx1-cXGPaN-Q7Kza-cXxA6m-cXJDzL-cM3MZG-cM5qYS-cM3N5j-cM5qJE-cM5qTN-cM5rob-cM5qNG-cM3N91-cM5rho-cM5r6b-cM3M9y-mh3udM-cM3MV7-cM3MQj-cM3MeY-cM3Mmh-cM3MJU-6A9Pky-cM3MqL-cM3MA7-cM3MwG-7xqkYp-9L38u3-8NTHbL-c1f5JC-qheek-fcRtz-9WcXj1-8Bgeax Alcides Costa Vaz 17 September 2014
South America has experienced important domestic political and economic changes while facing important external challenges over the last 10 years. more  
Israel and the BRICS
Israel's Economic and Political Outlook Benjamin Netanyahu by World Economic Forum with CC license from Flickrhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/worldeconomicforum/12101882633/in/photolist-jrpj5R-jsFy5E-jsCoJv-jsEmF7-jsFwH1-jsFvPY-jsEgp5-jsFyKh-jsDLn6-jsEirw-jsFDCJ-jrnPFv-jrrghA-jrr8GT-jrpPEJ-jrrDi7-jrpBaV-jrt7B5-jrpCxp-nRZA98-o7K8U5-o6yAXE-aBA6JJ-bF76ms-p9GXqx-oSde1j-bu5hTE-k4aHAm-mWdccp-opHAHj-jsDSQg-jsDDAv-jsFzd1-jsEnss-jsEfHq-jsEcSq-jsDQ5r-jsCiSB-jsDNNP-jsDTC8-jsDCEx-jsFHLd-jsDBUV-oStDWG-iQt5R8-nzgbnp-nU6FM2-o9RE6M-o9RE8k-o9RE8R Yossi Alpher 16 September 2014
Israel's growing economic and security links with BRICS members Russia, India and China reflect Jerusalem's desire to diversify its strategic international ties. more  
Turkey’s new focus on Africa: causes and challenges
https://www.flickr.com/photos/52845287@N07/4886366194/in/photolist-nb9jov-ndbGTi-nb9FjD-8m21HJ-72ccPo-8rMUr1-ogkPVj-7J5v7t-7FNuxJ-8L6C8-5pBsYW-cneDrm-cneJY3-cneyao-cneF9L-cneC5s-buerKo-bH9gpz-7EUT45-7EUSM7-7EUShs-7EUSJd-7EUTaf-7ER1Ln-7EUSXj-7ER2p4-7EUSuq-7ER2dF-7ER1Wn-7ER1HF-7EUSef-7ER1Pa-7ER22H-7EUSBJ-5y39Jf-6FzKoy-7J5pmk-cnfU3j-77nLgz-5xXLLM-5y38rf-5xXLhn-5y37Bh-5y3aCC-5xXM5x-5xXKni-5xXLsV-5y3aSo-5y3ajQ-5xXJV6/ Daniela Nascimento , Ali Bilgic 3 September 2014
Although Turkey had no past colonial involvement with African countries, there has been an increasing revival in Turkey’s relations with the continent since the end of... more  
Russia’s development assistance, with a focus on Africa
https://www.flickr.com/photos/theroadtothehorizon/2177872721/in/photolist-4juqxW-9xLqSb-4jrE4g-4juoRQ-kJh9Mg-9mMHMq-4jsaFF-4ja7zP-dkNDqW-eiS5gH-7xk1qp-4jrySn-4juvEd-4jqso2-dkNCbG-dkNANr-dkNCum-dkND4Y-dkNCAS-dkNBfH-kJgwJM-7GGHV1-k38u2X-4rLKLd-nXwWmb-4jeiU7-3VafQM-4jwevW-4LYC62-4sFAdD-4ja7z8-4jrDnv-4jeaEJ-4jfdo9-4jfdrf-4jrGuT-kJh9zc-4jw1rb-4iMjy9-kJh978-kJiDKf-4iMjvq-4juqqC-3VaitR-3VakAF-4jrDzX-4jvGUf-eiXNfE-efsosS-k5sjWT Andrey Makarychev , Licínia Simão 29 August 2014
This policy brief explains Russia’s development assistance policy – mainly towards Africa – as an effect of the country’s global commitments and socialisation dynamics... more  
African emerging powers
Seeing cement sales soar by Simon Davis_DFID with CC licence from Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/dfid/8756740467/in/photolist-9wkRGz-nfGU4s-f9YdNk-ekNzRV-53RnBG-97bUpi-FUs4k-TiYpg-6nWqKZ-kHLq6c-kHP3wM-kHLZX2-kHRav1-kHR4Q3-kHQhRg-kHQkz1-kHPFL4-kHNMsr-kHQKdT-kHQdKj-kHSjdj-kHTsaE-kHLnzk-kHNWYw-kHNdyx-kHSnoY-kHLZtg-kHPCBZ-kHMrfV-kHQg98-kHRTWx-kHRmkP-kHTrCh-kHQHZv-kHMrQ2-kHMwVn-kHNcNV-kHSi9f-kHQh7R-kHP5Jx-kHRVjx-kHTtY9-kHP39S-kHLm7R-kHNgnP-kHTr6q-kHMVp1-kHMXxu-kHP3FJ-kHP29g Teresa Almeida Cravo , Daniela Nascimento , David J. Hornsby , Sofia José Santos 4 July 2014
The African subcontinent’s most assertive players have been capitalising on their natural wealth and recent economic growth, and are pursuing a change of status from d... more  
China debates its future role in the Middle East
Beijing January 2011 by Remko Tanis with CC license from Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/remkotanis/5369732250/in/photolist-9bvhjw-wexTm-5MtQBV-884EF2-884sYv-7oDW3R-ncdjzg-9VfgnY-7e1fV6-C3J3w-5My8a7-5My9Sb-5My5gj-5MtTRD-fBQRN-9bsavt-9bsap4-aAg5HH-egHX-bC1aRt-dovsLg-FB61V-7e58K7-8Kxvqv-fFfeQR-zQ7ih-81jWeY-5MtQXn-eTC6n-6XGXmc-jfVbpr-8EkhnY-8s8UZG-3nkG7E-6xYL6E-5My8XS-5MtNPF-5MtRpg-5My8zu-5MtPeZ-5My3Y9-5My7mN-5My5HQ-dcCk3h-4TbyzM-7e59HU-7dDdwy-8ChQao-5F4xav-8ChPt5 Stig Stenslie 30 June 2014
China will be considerably more dependent on oil imports in the coming years because its growth in consumption far exceeds domestic production. As result of this growi... more  
Policy brief series: Emerging powers' responses to the Ukrainian crisis
Political Hot Spots 2014 by mwmbwls on Flickr adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/ 25 June 2014
This policy brief series presents Brazil, Turkey, India, China and South Africa's views and responses to the Ukrainian crises and Russia's annexation of the Crimea. more  
South Africa’s response to the Ukrainian crisis
President Jacob Zuma in Russia by GovernmentZA with CC license from Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/governmentza/8744544916/in/photolist-bXofqs-nGb7MK-bXices-bXict3-bXic9S-bXiciE-g2Exer-eXsijw-dHVALh-dJR6fh-6pPn5y-6MDCv6-e6p69Z-e6uJcE-dJR6mm-ejJ5xN-ejCkLF Elizabeth Sidiropoulos 23 June 2014
South Africa did not join in the chorus of condemnation against Russia’s annexation of the Crimea, instead adopting a position that in part mirrored language used by R... more  
Assessing the responses of the Chinese media and research community to the Ukrainian crisis
Ancient Chinese printing press by IvanWalsh.com with CC license from Flickr Chris Alden 17 June 2014
By examining an array of Chinese sources, including media reports, editorials, and research think-tank publications, a number of viewpoints are presented that provide... more  
Indian perspectives on the Ukrainian crisis and Russia’s annexation of Crimea
https://www.flickr.com/photos/sarahkerr/2204430124/in/photolist-4mNhgW-4mPBGA-4r57aL-4r55Zd-4r4ZwY-7JW2an-7JZWmw-7JZWcU-7JW1ZV-7JW4gx-4ecUzJ-4zWVki-4ffwvo-7JZWed-7JZWnJ-4dWx69-7JZWq7-5eyGVG-eL32vC-N7JsX-7JW1U4-7JW3Mk-7JW23t-7JZWiq-7JW47x-7JW4k4-6JQyWn-7JW1GF-7JZXBw-a44392-7JW3Fk-7JW4ep-7JZYvJ-7JW49k-7JZYMd-7JZYGE-7JW45F-7JW44k-7JZYDf-7JZYJY-7JW3U6-7JZYxQ-7JZY8S-7JW2NP-7JZYbo-7JZWp9-7JZWfu-7JZWLY-7JW4zx-7JW34V Varun Sahni 11 June 2014
The statement by India’s national security adviser on March 6th 2014 referring to “legitimate” Russian interest in Ukraine was unsurprisingly criticised in the West, b... more  
“Don’t poke the Russian bear”: Turkish policy in the Ukrainian crisis
Russia 2226 by Dennis Jarvis on Flickr, adapted CC BY-SA 2.0 Balkan Devlen 6 June 2014
From the start of the Ukrainian crisis Turkey kept a low profile and adopted a strategy best described as “don’t poke the Russian bear”. Russia is a major Turkish trad... more  
Why Brazil has not criticised Russia over Crimea
Dilma e Putin firmam parcerias by Roberto Stuckert Filho_PR with CC license from Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/blogplanalto/8272548758/in/photolist-dB1Yx1-bXices-bXict3-bXic9S-bXiciE-eXsijw-dHVALh-g2Exer-dGXAt5-e6RwP1-fKbSgz-ciMgk1-nGb7MK-h8Zbnn-cgVVSW-fLT2tc-chtDkY-chtD5E-dJR6mm-dJR6fh-chkJ2U-eJXSEN-ai9CSc-fKJnQL-fNUfqA-e6x5yw-e6x5yb-e6x5yU-e6x7dW-e6x5xS-e6x5xE-chtDiw-e6pQyv-e6uHLU-gsadrd Oliver Stuenkel 27 May 2014
Brazil’s unwillingness to criticise Russia may have less to do with its opinion on Russia’s annexation of Crimea per se and more to do with Brasília’s scepticism of We... more  
China in Africa’s media and telecommunications: cooperation, connectivity and control
Towering by Rachel Strohm with cc lisence from Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/rachelstrohm/4693016049/in/photolist-89GWaP-5Q5cvF-5Q5cUM-5Q5fCZ-5Q9vju-5Q9vBS-4nCaHw-5phFqe-kbG7K6-fbW88v-c5NZCw-cVAdeW-5Q9sAw-5Q9sqJ-5Q5dnM-5Q5dvc-5Q5dEe-5Q9sQf-5Q9t9f-5Q5cMp-5Q5cJg-5Q9sVo-5Q9teS-5Q9sYy-5Q9v8f-5Q5fKX-5Q9v4y-5Q5fTF-5Q5fH4-e2TBSU-53gTNT-6PLjWn-dz3fLJ-9hxA5P-9hxAf4-9nLxcv-9qQ4pd-7xL2aU-5Q9q2A-5Q5ptn-9hxAYB-bhmnMv-bhmnVa-9ofiyu-c5DHrJ-9LAv66-9uyf1j-7Kktfv-8wkvcM-9hxzJB Iginio Gagliardone , Sam Geall 24 April 2014
For China, media expansion in Africa is a part of its “Going Out” and “soft power” strategies to extend the country’s influence in new sectors and locations. Yet for s... more  
Amazonian policy and politics, 2003-13: deforestation, hydropower and biofuels
Sugarcane Ethanol Production by Sweeter Alternative with cc license from Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/sweeteralternative/4578824983/in/photolist-7YBF9k-9NMJce-9NTxgr-45xcAt-4PCUt8-4PCTWt-4PCVxB-czxoVd-9NWmpA-9NTwL2-9NWmEA-9NTvZe-9NQwoG-7YBDJi-7YBAPH-7YET8s-9NMJ9p-eFU2Ba-eG19uh-eFU2jg-eFU1Wx-eG19i3-eFU1JH-9NWkzJ-eFU1RD-9NMHL8-9NQws3-9NQwjm-9NWmUs-9NTwYe-9NQwfY-9NQwuL-jKJBbE-4ThF5U-75AR6f-ayetKx Eduardo Viola , Larissa Basso 22 April 2014
Amazonian policy and politics from 2003 to 2013 should be seen in the larger context of Brazil’s recent economic and political developments and their consequences for... more  
Brazil’s rising profile in United Nations peacekeeping operations since the end of the cold war
UN Brazil by Ben Tavener with cc license from Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/bentavener/7290085534/ Rita Santos , Teresa Almeida Cravo 31 March 2014
Aspiring to become a world power, Brazil has assumed a role in peace and security that is more consistent with enhanced international responsibility. Yet, as this repo... more  
Report series: Rising powers and the African Peace and Security Architecture
2014.03.24 Vice President of China arrives in South Africa by GovernmentZA with cc license from Flickr Vice President of China arrives in South Africa by GovernmentZA with cc license from Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/governmentza/8225627565/sizes/m/in/photolist-dwSuuV-6L9KrN-9F1M1p-7du1dy-9F1LVa-9F4GEh-8ZyqyB-8ap2cD-8MBDdG-7cY6CB-fcdy6e-b1ttUZ-fcyEvw-9smA2a-9spzum-bWLwJV-5gku5Q-8PNgnv-4wP4Da-5bWs5L-xmAck-8jcuBi-bxZnV6-9F1LYR-3AHs9x-85Sjwe-85Vszb-cmHRHA-4juK48-c195wU-9F1LX2-9F4Gn5-9F1LPt-9F1LRc-8kryYM-8kuLaQ-8uA3ka-4iZ9SP-dUgskA-6vkHY8-KJ7CM-gPSe8q-cp4c1Q-7pV9es-tQ4C9-51KQjg-aRjvke-aRjnTP-aRjvor-aRjeRZ-aRjv9c/ 28 March 2014
As the rising powers of China, Brazil, India and South Africa extend their economic engagement in Africa, they are also gradually becoming more involved in the African... more  
South Africa and the African Peace and Security Architecture
https://www.flickr.com/photos/equatorial_guinea/5887945845/in/photolist-9YigaF-dUbgMX-dUbgFr-dUbgJ4-dSpcKX-dSpcwM-dSuLS5-dSpcB4-dSpcHZ-dSuM2y-dSpcSV-dSuMkU-dSpcQT-dSpcUt-dSuLX9-dSpcyr-dQD1xy-dQxq1M-dQxq2a-evvzyh-evtGi4-evtG3n-dUgTew-h5VpAH-e1v3Lp-e1v3Pg-e1v3Hn-dJJGyB-dJQ9rS-h5VqLD-e1v3R8-e1v3Dn-e1v3BM-dJJGAT-dNsEcU-dJQ9uu-dQzZED-dUbcYt-dNn5zk-dNsEho-dJJGAv-dUbgAg-dQFA3S-dJJGBi-dNn5CV-dNsEo1-dNsEj9-dQFAd5-dADEZv-dAK8RY-dAK9vh/ Anthoni van Nieuwkerk 26 March 2014
This report interprets South Africa’s contribution to the evolution and performance of the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) of the African Union (AU). It... more  
Seeking security in Africa: China’s evolving approach to the African Peace and Security Architecture
Vice President of China arrives in South Africa by GovernmentZA with cc license from Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/governmentza/8225627565/sizes/m/in/photolist-dwSuuV-6L9KrN-9F1M1p-7du1dy-9F1LVa-9F4GEh-8ZyqyB-8ap2cD-8MBDdG-7cY6CB-fcdy6e-b1ttUZ-fcyEvw-9smA2a-9spzum-bWLwJV-5gku5Q-8PNgnv-4wP4Da-5bWs5L-xmAck-8jcuBi-bxZnV6-9F1LYR-3AHs9x-85Sjwe-85Vszb-cmHRHA-4juK48-c195wU-9F1LX2-9F4Gn5-9F1LPt-9F1LRc-8kryYM-8kuLaQ-8uA3ka-4iZ9SP-dUgskA-6vkHY8-KJ7CM-gPSe8q-cp4c1Q-7pV9es-tQ4C9-51KQjg-aRjvke-aRjnTP-aRjvor-aRjeRZ-aRjv9c/ Chris Alden 24 March 2014
China is on course to becoming more deeply involved in Africa’s security landscape. While the motivation behind Chinese involvement remains primarily economic, the gro... more  
Brazil's growing relevance to peace and security in Africa
Brazilian Peacekeepers former president Lula adapted with cc license from Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/mateus27_24-25/5695377288/in/photolist-9Fhif9-9Fhifh-ajCaXt-ajCaXp/ Adriana Erthal Abdenur , Danilo Marcondes de Souza Neto 17 March 2014
There is growing interest in the role of rising powers in African politics and development, as South-South cooperation with Africa expands. Although recent research on... more  
Rising powers in Africa: what does this mean for the African peace and security agenda?
Tipping Point - Africa, detail by evemosher adapted with cc license from Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7820145@N02/2670437776/in/photolist-54YG7C-aqz1tD-54YGfN-54YGpJ-5sLVBb-9VR8vb-3oP3q5-4Ny1XW-5sLVBf-CQU9c-P77Lo-P78dJ-P7BXP-P7BPH-a3u76E-5CTDxr-afGbrn-4nPP2Y-5kGr3g-9mJGU6-9mMKJ5-9mJGSc-5CVccd-5KHXsn-5sLVAW-6dh4ka-9SsBN4-89LBx2-7rTMei-5KNcnN-6cPxxT-5niFd2-8Qg3r6-5sLVAL-6yedYv-2dw29g-3KMRx-8hgAPJ-7S5Wf3-P78ay-P7BQD-P78eE-P78bY-P7BFB-P7C1T-P7C6X-P78pq-P7C4D-P7837-P786s-P78js Elling N. Tjønneland 14 March 2014
Much has been written about the role of the rising or emerging powers and their accelerating economic engagement in Africa. Much less is known about how they contribut... more  
Turkey’s new humanitarian approach in Somalia
Turkish Prime Minister Makes Official Visit to Somalia by United Nations Photo with cc license from Flickr Pinar Tank 20 December 2013
Under the Justice and Development Party (AKP), Turkey has become a prominent humanitarian power, contributing more than $1 billion in aid in 2012. This makes it the fo... more  
Rising powers and the future of peacekeeping and peacebuilding
Soldiers waiting to board their plane by CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK with cc license from Flickr Benjamin de Carvalho , Cedric de Coning 14 November 2013
This report considers the influence of the rising powers on the governance of international peace and security, and especially United Nations (UN) peacekeeping and pea... more  
Russia’s attempts to gain a status boost from the G20 chairmanship
St. Petersburg River Neva relections by Sue 1454 with cc license from Flickr Pavel K. Baev 21 August 2013
Russia has invested great efforts in profiling its role as G20 chair and increasing international focus on this organisation. Moscow seeks to exploit this role to boos... more  
Brazil in the South Atlantic: growing protagonism and unintended consequences
Operation Atlantic 2 by mauro.pimentel with cc license from Flickr Adriana Erthal Abdenur , Danilo Marcondes de Souza Neto 27 May 2013
For most of the twentieth century, the strategic importance of the North Atlantic outstripped that of the southern part of the ocean. However, the past decade has brou... more  
Turkish and Iranian interests and policies in the South Caucasus
Gas pumping station on the BTC Pipeline near the Georgia-Turkey border, Georgia by Robert Thomson with cc license from Flickr Evanthia Balla 23 April 2013
The South Caucasus, situated as it is at the crossroads of Eurasia’s major energy and transport corridors, continues to play a vital role in the world’s security affai... more  
Azerbaijan’s security concerns: a view from within
Azerbaijan, baku city by mohammad sadeghmo with cc license from Flickr Fariz Ismailzade 10 April 2013
Despite the tremendous economic growth of the past decade and relative political stability, Azerbaijan continues to face threats in terms of security and sustainable e... more  
Georgia: identity, foreign policy and the politics of a “Euro-Atlantic orientation”
Tbilisi from St. David's Church on Mtatsminda - Georgia by Violator1 with cc license from Flickr Kornely Kakachia 27 March 2013
Often considered to be a “beacon of democracy” in the post-Soviet space, Georgia has publicly committed itself to establishing the rule of law and building Western-sty... more  
The main dimensions of Armenia’s foreign and security policy
church by kcakduman with cc license from Flickr Narek S. Galstyan 26 March 2013
This policy brief surveys the core principles and objectives of Armenia’s foreign policy, which is influenced by the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict with Azerbaijan, the Aze... more  
Non-state actors and South Caucasus security: the role of NGOs, transnational corporations and religious organisations
Socar Oil in Tbilisi by vyilmaz with cc license from Flickr Licínia Simão 19 March 2013
Following the collapse of Soviet structures, security dynamics in the South Caucasus became closely related to the process of the consolidation of viable and effective... more  
Security in the South Caucasus: the EU, NATO and Russia
Russian troops by bbcworldservice with cc license from Flickr Maria Raquel Freire 4 March 2013
Focusing on the interplay of external actors in the South Caucasus, i.e. the EU, NATO and Russia, three main issues are highlighted: firstly, that the South Caucasus i... more  
China in Latin America: hegemonic challenge?
Embajadora De China Visita A Presidente Del Congreso by Congreso de la Republica del Perú with cc license from Flickr Isabel Hilton 20 February 2013
The United States is Latin America’s traditional hegemonic power, but China’s influence in the region is large and growing. How far does China’s presence in the U.S. b... more  
Russia assumes and exploits the chairmanship of the G20
781106981 from g20.org.jpg Pavel K. Baev 8 February 2013
Russia has ambitious plans for its year as G20 chair. It seeks to achieve a boost to Russia’s international profile, eroded by the evolving domestic crisis. Its agenda... more  
The BRICS and international peacebuilding and statebuilding
Brics Leaders Meeting 2011 by Blog do Planalto under CC license on Flickr Oliver Richmond , Ioannis Tellidis 1 February 2013
The emergence of the BRICS has generated a renewed debate about peacebuilding and donor activity. This has slowly influenced the aims, norms and practices of internati... more  
Arab Spring, Turkish “Summer”? The trajectory of a pro-Western “moderate Islam”
Instanbul Colors, by Let Ideas Compete, under CC license on Flickr Kees van der Pijl 30 November 2012
The “moderate Islam” that has developed in Turkey could play a role in shaping the outcome of the Arab revolt that began in 2011. The modern Turkish state established... more  
Brazil: an emerging peacekeeping actor
MINUSTAH Peacekeeping. UN troops stand at attention the Hand-over of Command Ceremony, by UN Photo under CC license on Flickr Per M. Norheim-Martinsen 23 November 2012
As the presence of Western states in UN peacekeeping operations (PKOs) has gradually decreased, new states have been filling the resultant void, although these operati... more  
The challenges and ambiguities of South Africa’s foreign policy
Security council debate situation in Syria by UN Photo/JC McIlwaine Jean-Paul Marthoz 19 September 2012
Over the last two decades South Africa has become one of the major players on the continent and a legitimate voice of Africa on the world scene. It has failed, however... more  
The concept of “rising powers”
Dilma reuniao brics by Blog de Panalto Pinar Tank 29 June 2012
Rising powers are changing the dynamics of power in the international system. But what are their common traits and how do their approaches to global governance differ?... more  
Turkey as an international mediator: opportunities and pitfalls
Turkey flag by Opendemocracy in Flickr Pinar Tank 13 July 2011
Since the Helsinki Summit of the European Union (EU) Council granted Turkey ‘candidate country’ status in 1999 and the Justice and Development Party (AKP) won the elec... more  
The “new” Turkish foreign policy and its implications for Norwegian peacebuilding
publication Jean-Paul Marthoz 15 December 2010
Turkey’s emergence as a key figure on the international scene makes it a potentially interesting partner for Norway. Yet, with unresolved issues both internally and ex... more  
Brazil’s emergence and the potential for Norwegian peacebuilding diplomacy
publication Jean-Paul Marthoz 15 November 2010
Brazil has emerged as a major player on the international stage and a prime mover of a new international order that favours the south. Jean-Paul Marthoz argues that it... more  
The Strategic Lines of Brazilian Foreign Policy
publication Clóvis Brigagão 25 May 2009
Brazil is considered to be a global player on the international stage. Three strategic lines define Brazil’s international relations: nuclear capacity, the environment... more  
Grabendorff: Brazil – A "Secure" Partner for the European Union?
publication Wolf Grabendorff 19 October 2009
The EU-Brazil strategic partnership offers many possibilities for security cooperation but does not take into account the policy implications of Brazil's "souther... more  

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Rising Powers: From regional leaders to global players?
25 April 2012, 13.00-15.00
PRIO, Hausmannsgate 7, Oslo, Norway
Brasilia by night by Justine Arena The end of the Cold War heralded the end of global governance based on the power balancing structures linked to bipolarity. Twenty years on, there remains a lack of c... more  
Seminar 4 June - Brazilian Foreign Policy on Peace and Security
3 June 2009, 11.57
Borggt. 2b, Grønland, Oslo
Noref and NorLARNet invite you to a breakfast seminar with Dr. Clóvis Brigagão, Director of Centre of the Americas Studies more  


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Stealing the revolution: violence and predation in Libya
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Syria air force 'steps up strikes'
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Jerusalem car 'attack' kills baby
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Four guilty of Blackwater killings
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